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The premier also reiterated that the video was purposely created to achieve certain nasty objectives and to prevent "somebody" from making progress in politics.

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It's not complete yet. Once it's been completed, I'll send it to the What the fuck is that song General," he told reporters. Last week, Abdul Hamid said CyberSecurity Malaysia had determined that the video was likely authentic, but could not identify those in the sex video through facial recognition software. He also said that investigations into the sex video scandal revealed that there was an evil conspiracy led by a political party leader to humiliate and damage the reputation of an individual.

The police chief also said the video, which was spread to cause unrest among the public, was produced sex parties who paid hundreds of thousands of ringgit. So far, 11 video have been detained over the case, with five subsequently released after their remand expired on Thursday July Haziq has confessed publicly that he was one of the two men in the video and alleged that the other person was Azmin. I know who masterminded circulation of sex video Dr Mahathir may benefit most from sex scandal roiling ruling party Will Anwar become the 8th Prime From Azmin and I behind still on the same team Wan Azizah: The Arch.

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