Tiffany topless cmt party down south

CMT's Party Down South - Episode 504 in 4 Minutes

But 1st. Lemme take a selfie!!!

#TBT: Prom Pics from the Ladies of Party Down South | CMT

Blessed to be getting this opportunity. I appreciate each and everyone of you lil daddy"s for the support! He strikes you as douchey at first, but he turns out to have a big heart.

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Tiffany, what is your story? How many lean on your strength? Do you have blue streaks in your hair? Murray is a cheerful "party animal" and "possible misogynist" who openly harassed mothers, grandmothers, baby sitters and any other females who drove by tiffany car on cmt way down to Georgia with signs reading "show cmt your tits," etc.

Then later he redeemed himself by calming Daddy down at the height of Daddy's rage by removing all of his clothes.


Yes, Murray just quietly revealed all of his soft human body with all the cameras rolling to bring peace to the house in an almost Dadaist act of mediation.

I am not sure if he's a hero or a villain. He has a voice like a thousand cigarettes doing an impression of Slingbade. Walt has a lot of white tee-shirts. He seemed totally chill until he stood up halfway through a conversation with Tiffany and pissed out the living room window.

He has the lovely Texas accent of most of my extended family, making this betrayal of social mores all the more jarring to me. Lauren had the fling with Lyle.


Her whole family saw, and during her goodbye dinner her grandpa charmingly blew on a duck whistle to rag her about it. Lauren seems determined to make it through this season with her goddamn dignity intact, which translates to her appearing in frame not smiling a lot.

Stay strong, baby girl! Mattie is the JWoww, and I don't just mean because she's tall and insanely gorgeous, I mean she seems to have a bit of a New Jersey accent? Am I crazy?