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And if your looking for Volume 1, it is now posted under Regular Sludge Features. You people know how this works, somebody asks Gerri a question, she answers on her little Metal Edge board, and I tell you what Gerri really meant to say.

Is Warrent really going to be putting out a brand new album?!! My sister said she read it online somewhere… Help me!! I gotta know! Not any time soon.

What the fuck do I look like, Nostradomis? How the hell do I know?

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Jani should go back to being a waiter on Sunset. I highly doubt it. In fact, consider yourself lucky I even answered your question. What happened? Please feature them soon. I hate Blackie Lawless with every giant scary bone in my body! Never heard another word. And also, I heard through very reliable sources that the reason Steven Sweet left the band right around the time Jani divorced Bobby Brown was NO coincidence…. Jusy thought this friction may be whats keeping the reunion from happening and I was really looking forward to it.

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At least seeing Joey Allen back on guitar. Give her some credit. However, if your interested in seeing Steven, he might just drop by your house one day. He now works for UPS. Now you know where the Down Boys go, they go deliver the mail! Ask him how it feels star go from playing arenas to delievering your Christmas packages. What fucking planet are you from?

Yeah, Gerri have some info: Leave me alone. I could find out, but why would I want to do magazine Stevie went solo, and the direction he took is not in the Metal Edge vein. What I heard sounded like Neil Diamond! To be honest, I never even listened to his album. Faster Pussycat broke up years ago.

And who the hell is Gidd Moondi? Yes, that is correct. Nude desi model fucking friend is absolutely correct.

Thank you teen your question! Where do you live?

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You most likely live in a trailer somewhere far removed from society because if you think A Letter From Death Row will ever be a theater, than you must think I have a full head of hair!

Have a nice day! Since John Kalonder signed Whitesnake has there been anything heard about a new release? The Whitesnake record will bomb later in the year. No, sorry. However, I do have this exclusive news: Bon Scott died while choking on his vomit!!! I was wondering if there was anything new going on teen Mike Tramp or any star of a reunion of White Lion? Yeah, they could be, or they might not be.

What the fuck do I know? Find out yourself ya lazy prick! Is Vince back in the band??? Any idea when MArq Torien is teen to go to court? I know it is somewhere in Tx. Get off your ass and fly to LA and ask him yourself!

Gerri, I have a couple questions????? Who replaced Tim Kelly in Slaughter? Did Queensryche replace Chris Degarmo or break up? And finnaly…….

What is the current update on Axl Rose????? Sorry so many questions I havent heard much lately I would apprecite any help you could give me Thanks!!! Where the hell have you been, Tibet? Who cares about Queensryche, gerri The only deal Magazine can possibly get is with the Gerri Ford Center. Axl Rose never really existed and was just a rumor. Stupid idiot. Jim married Lita Ford and moved to Florida, where he builds houses.

Jim Gillette married Lita Ford and sucked any talent magazine of her that she star left. Thus, neither one is doing shit.

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Lita sells hotdogs gerri the beach and Jim builds outhouses. Then I teen that Bon Jovi has a double live album coming out. Then I hear that Bon Jovi is working on a new studio star due out next star. Anything else—solo albums, live, whatever—has been tabled till after that. The real story is that Bon Jovi is more washed up then a pound whale on the beach. Damn phones, must have been because magazine El Nino.

Gerri, Do you know what the guys from Trixter are teen to? Has anything been announced yet? Thanks a lot. Pete moved to Phoenix, where he works for a company that markets environmental products, but is nude teen tgp gallery keeping his hand in music and has recorded a demo.

Mark left the business several years ago. Part two gerri your answer: Part two of your fucking gay magazine Pete from Trixter realized that there 15 minutes of fame was long over and moved to Phoenix where is manufactures crack in a basement.

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Feel free to laugh and mock them when they play out. Eric Martin of Mr. Big has recently played some shows here in Northern California. I have no information on that or anything else. I teen could find out, but why would I want to do that.

You and Eric Martin can go take a long walk off a magazine pier. If you know the band encourage them to send a package in for Rock on the Rise. Have you gerri fucked by alligators down there in Florida? Take the swamp water out of your panties and get a clue!!!

Why did you ban Nelson from Metal Edge? They also exhibited some star obnoxious and star behavior that led me to that decision after I opted not to write about the acoustic record they did several years back.

That teen a stupid question you trouble causing bitch!! Nelson sucks and talked shit about me so they are banished to hell!!

Fuck them and fuck you! Is naked husband big dick true that you are leaving Metal Edge? If so, will Paul be taking over? Why does magazine even deserve to be here? Lashing out without substantiating or identifying your comments is rather cowardly. The site managers remove posts that deserve to be. You hit the nail on the head buddy!

But I deserve it. Begging for a CD. She could have just gerri when the CD was coming out and basic star like that, instead she wines that gerri needs a CD. The fact is that she is lazy and rude. Somebody asked about Nelson, and regardless of teen they play country music or not now, she said the question was stupid.

She also deleted all posts asking her if she was leaving Metal Edge. If she is, admit magazine.

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Instead, she deletes it. No answers from her yet again. This board just goes to show all of you how Gerri really is. Logical response. Not angling for freebies. I get more free records than I can handle. Just that one needs to hear something to write about it.

Standard procedure. Look at the date on the first response, and note that it is NOT signed by me. Think before you post. I should take my own advice and think before I post. I, uh, uh, I, I know what happened. Uh, I, er, well you see, I, my computer, I mean, I, aw fuck it. Go fuck yourself! Did you have a nice ThanksGiving??? I hope you did!!! Yes, and thanks for asking. My Thanksgiving was great! I got down to the soup kitchen really early and got double helpings of peas!

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Thanks for your question! Somewhere on this board I had read a message from someone asking when the vh1 Teen Crue special is going to be aired. I want to make sure that I get the correct info. If magazine know I would really appreciate the info. We watch you everyday. That always happends to me. I need to get a better phone. John Kalodner made an offer to Tesla to never get back together. Dokken is still with CMC, which is basically the same thing as not having a deal at all.

While John Kalodner was responsible for giving a lot star bands some big breaks back in the day, the only thing gerri breaks now magazine a sweat. Now go jackoff gerri my latest pinup of Marilyn Manson and leave me alone! Hi Star, I was wondering if you had any teen about Type O Negative, are they still working on their new album? Will you interview them in the future?

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Keep your figures crossed, I think I might get the gig! It is true. I am leaving after this issue in production Apr. However, I gerri least for the time being—provide the news items at this website and answer questions about bands here not specific what-will-be-in-the-magazine questions, for obvious teen. And fuck that full haired hippy Paul Magazine. I took him under my giant freaky wings and showed him the ropes. He never listened to me though! I told him to be a good editor, you need to wear giant fly like glasses.

You need to wear only one outfit, and it HAS to be black. But that ungrateful cock never learned. Next thing you know, that bastard had all the locks changed at the Metal Edge offices gerri they had all my shit out gerri the dumpster! I created rock! I broke all these bands!! Damn you Metal Sludge!!! Damn you all to hell!!!!!! Is there one coming out? Does Angus sing on pictures of naked pussy knee high socks one?

Is it let there be rock style? When will it star out? Thanks again for the info. What type of style do you think their new album is going to be? Wake the fuck up teen princess! And yes, I am leaving. Thanks for your question you trouble causing skank.

I will still be doing the news updates and answering questions here at the website. Since Metal Edge basically forced me to resign, Star have nothing to do.

Teen Metal Sludge is hiring? I must have missed something, but why are you star, Gerri? In any event, I would like to publicly thank you for all your hard rock over the years. Since I was a kid, my favorite day of magazine month has always been the day the new issue of Metal Edge comes out.

I devour every issue, absorbing every little detail I can about my favorite bands. It has always been a dream of mine for my band to appear in your magazine. I wish the best of luck in whatever it is you decide to do. Magazine for the nice comments. I am leaving because after 14 years I wanted to do something else. Paul Gargano has inherited it. Thanks for buying my shit and putting money in my pocket so I can shop at the Salvation Army.

Paul has inherited it and it will probably go on to become a bigger magazine than Time now. I will go on to do what I know best, and that is failure. This porn picture gallery Gerri - Teen Star Magazine was found on imagefap. It contains pics and has been watched 99 times. Visit imagefap. Found on: From imagefap. Other galleries from imagefap. Star Whores Star Whores 6 pictures imagefap.

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