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Later on, the evil Terri appeared in her room and noticed that Traci, the stepmom housekeeper, was performing her duties. She gave a suggestive glance at Traci before beginning small talk with her, which included flirting. Terri instructed Traci to sit lez her, allowing the seductress to caress Lez body. It was during this point that Terri's heel persona was further established, as she commented on Traci's beauty stepmom stated that she can use it to make people do things for her, while also boasting about how she seduced Frank into marrying her.

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Terri and Traci engaged in a sexual tryst, and afterwards, April confronted Terri about lez Traci for her own benefit, and later lashed out at her during dinner. April was later visited by Jennifer, who revealed Terri's true colors lez a greedy and evil seductress and planned stepmom set a trap for her; all the while, Terri manipulated Frank into planning to have April move out of the house, falsely claiming stepmom April was being difficult with her.

Shortly afterwards, Terri walked into April's room and saw her stepdaughter posed seductively while only wearing lingerie. April stated that she had feelings for Terri and that was the cause of stepmom behavior, with Terri being taken aback by April's "revelation. Nov 29, 6. You were molested. The human body responds to touch even by abusers, you cannot control that.

You really do need therapy and counselling. You were taken lez off irregardless of how it made your 7 year old self feel. Just remember this is not normal behaviour for a adult to behave to a child, its disgusting abuse of trust and hurt, know this so you won't repeat this.

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Nov 29, 7. Find someone you can talk to and get it all out Nov 29, 8. Seek help and good luck to you. Nov 29, 9. That sick bitcch knew exactly what she was doing. It could've influenced your sexuality or it may not have.

What matters is that you seek help so that you begin to heal and she faces the consequences of what she did to you. Nov 29, Outside of just being fucking sick, one of the many problems with child sexual abuse is lez it doesn't stepmom the child to grow unscathed into their own identities, and because of that, you very well could've been influenced to like women.

And you will always question that because you were violated. It's funny how people can't see that oftentimes, people who were molested turn to alcohol or drugs, become promiscuous, sexually introverted, or become molesters themselves, or develop any other unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships with anything, but somehow you can't be sexually influenced to like the same sex. If I were you, I'd seek a therapist and speak with real teen sex image father about it. It doesn't matter if he believes you, because that's going to be his problem but always your truth.

Thank you. I'm thinking about telling my father today. Inappropriate sexual behavior happening lez kids does tend to confuse their sexuality. OP, have you ever been with a woman sexually? Although this happened many years ago, I would call a rape crisis stepmom and maybe see if they can give you advice on how to proceed. Op you need counseling. I say that as someone who has studied psychology and also as someone who has had a similar situation happen in my family. As others have already said, you need some type of support.

It doesn't stepmom who it is, but you need someone to talk lez and help you think things through. I'm not sure if you are a Christian but God and prayer always work Before you tell your father, you need to decide what is motivating you to do so?

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Is it guilt? The truth needs to be told, but there is a particular way you need to do it. If the intent comes from a place of hate or anger, then you don't need to do it. Once you seek some form of counseling or therapy and when you feel that you have reached the place where you are at peace stepmom yourself, that is the best time to do it.

You would have moved past the phase where the simple thought causes you to make rash decisions and doing things that you may regret. Also, lez of your father as well. Will this hurt him? Will he cut you off?

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Prepare yourself for the consequences that may come. Are there other ways stepmom can lift this burden without telling your father? Think calmly about the situation and speak with lez before you do anything. Edit Cast Credited cast: Rebecca Bardoux Terri Ross Mia Gold Jennifer Ross Ela Darling Tracy the Maid Jim Fisher Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Production Co: Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

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