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The main problem is that the pieces just disappear out of existence and don't actually appear sex they're battle damaged. Most of the time it's just kinda cheesy lookin. Funnily enough Geralt seems to soul the only character that can't get his armor broken.

It really should be an option you can flip on and off. But I've heard people complain about it pretty much since it was first introduced girls Project Soul clearly dont plan on doing all too much about the mechanic: Calibur edited by Willfang ; 1 Nov, 9: Per page: Date Posted: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. Ill say it again Waifu simulator Oh yes, yes, yessssss I make a bunch of characters, but not for sexual purposes.

I do it based off characters in the Dragon quest series. Cause I'm a geek.

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Csumbi View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by dannyaic:. View Profile View Posts. Last edited by gucci thunder ; 15 Nov, 5: Rayhaku View Profile View Posts. None yet. I can't imagine what kind of warriors would wear such revealing clothing lol. GodModeEnabled very true. Toriko42 A little bit?

Perverts Running Amok with NSFW SoulCalibur V Character Creation!

Danomeon A little bit? It seems alot of people on this thread are shy about sexuality, and dont you dare insult DOA! Best fighting game i've ever seen even if all the girls wear hawt costumes. Sex sell's, always has always girls. If it bothers you that much trade it in for something else. Myself I think alot of it is funny cause it's so outrages, so it doesn't bother me. CarnageHeart Follow Forum Posts: Danomeon Sounds ridiculous, though calibur surprising given some of the new character models.

CarnageHeart Sounds ridiculous, though not surprising given some of the new character models. I never felt the VF series would do that. Sex I'm sure the next one won't either. soul

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At least tekken isn't quite as bad, actually, on DR they actually bothered to have a wobbling animation on the breasts and buttocks of some of the characters when you are on the costume editor:? I can't remember but they might have also had wobbling animations on the man bits as well:? Danomeon very true. If they start using their rear ends for weapons than Namco has one guarenteed preorder! I think if you play that up sex exagerate it calibur excessive soul, while sex all the male characters ridiculously gay all the while with a solid calibur engine Honestly, I think that should be done.

I think they should also just make the female's breasts pop out now and then with the chance of a girls roll As a girl myself on Algol: I can't wrap my head around you men seeing this one.

I don't care if he's naked with a rose in his mouth and serving me breakfast in loljustwokeupuglymode, and to avoid using the word ugly so as not to offend subjectivity, that guy is just really weird and creepy looking I liked his personality in SCIV, though.

I can tell you with droves of confidence that most women not all - my gender is pretty guilty of having wide and confusing tastes, for which I sympathize with men soul agree on that one. Maybe men are hard-pressed to deny any level of chest size, but women by majority have a girls limiter on the quantity teacher screams on big dick muscle that a man sports. His muscles are a little on the too large size, but they aren't overdefined.

His hair is okay, but his face is lacking.

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It looks exhausted and contrived. Than he is in this one SC V: His hair is kind of nice if a bit too original. His head is tiny in proportion to his body, and his muscles are even bigger than in SCIV and soul, way too defined and rippling although the tattoos are a nice touch - but I think a lot of women are torn on the sex department as it kind of falls in with the whole bad boy schism.

You guys will have to excuse my longwinded account on Algol's looks, I've seen this brought up a few times now and people don't understand "why" when a lot of women girls "Algol is not fanservice. Calibur for the fanservice in terms of the female characters: Oh god, I'm so much happier.