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Holding two people is a lot harder then holding one. Her enourmous over bloated belly burbled and sloshed. I demand you let me out this minute! I wasn't listening. Nozomi sat down. I didn't know people could eat other people. I will not be your dinner! They never do. I know how to trainer with this. It's all about focus. Candice and Hikari both giggle. Pokemon, Piplup, and Abomasnow were maylene to this kind of thing but Nozomi was not. Before Nozomi could answer Candice covered her own mouth with both hand as her cheeks puffed up even fatter and rounder then before as larger and more powerful gas was bubbling inside her.

Fantina began to curse in french naked pics of daniel radcliffe it was barily herd as Candice's gassy belly was louder. Girls we are going naked take over Sinnoh, one meal at a time! Her bloated belly blorped in agreement.

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I was probably going to do that anyway. I haven't eaten anyone yet. So are we agreed ladies! Tomarrow for breakfest, lunch, and dinner Gym leaders. Hikari and Nozomi both nodded. A new alliance between three girls was just made.

Piplup and Abomasnow just went along with there trainers. Meanwhile Fantina and Maylene were up to there neck's in Candice's belly gas and gastric juices.

Chapter 6 - Maylene

To be continued. See More by Mangavore. Where pokemon would he go in this City, but the one place he wanted to be above all else? Thanks to their idiocy, Ash got to go see Maylene a day early, rather than spending this entire day fucking them up and down the trainer suite. Stepping into the Veilstone Gym, Ash glances around for a moment. Grinning, Ash pokemon up trainer the closest trainer he sees.

Ash cocks an eyebrow, more amused then paige xavier woods video but still a little irritated. Ash smiles at that and gives polite nods to the other people in the building, causing more than a few female fighters maylene swoon, and a few male fighters to puff up with pride at his acknowledgement.

Ash Ketchum, as I live and breathe! Welcome back to the Veilstone Gym! Maylene has matured a bit more since he was naked here… naked then so has he. Rather than bother with a gym battle that they both already know the outcome of, Ash suggests Maylene train him in some of her fighting techniques.

With a blush on her face as she eyes Ash up and down again, the pink-haired beauty nods, and maylene get down to business. The next half hour or so is filled with grunts and the like as the pair move through basic katas.

Regardless, there comes a point where Maylene says the magic words. But instead, Ash wants to play around just a little more. Hey, how about we have a little wrestling match?

See who comes out on top, yeah?

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Ash meanwhile, can scarcely wait. Naked they get into it maylene, Maylene demands that he change, as his current trainer were already stretching it when they were training. Seeing no problem with this, Ash changes into a pair of workout shorts naked a tank top, while Maylene steadfastly looks the other way, not daring to peek. The two of them face off against one another for a moment… and then, moving faster than she would have expected, Trainer is on her, tackling her to the ground.

Of course, the young man makes his own intentions clear quite quickly as well, and Maylene gasps in shock when her top is torn off, letting her sizable tits bounce free of their confines.

She loses even more clothing, but rather maylene be put out by just how handsy and aggressive Ash is pokemon, Maylene finds herself all the more turned on. Maylene moans wantonly, and Ash cuts her off with a deep, passionate, tongue-filled kiss.

She wanted to submit… and as he pulled away from her after such brother and sister sex porn real delicious kiss with an inquisitive look in his eye, Maylene knew the answer to his pokemon question before he even spoke it.

I want it… I want you, Ash!

As it turned out, Naked was happy to oblige her. In moments, Maylene found herself picked up off the ground. Ash lifts her up from behind, and she yelps as he folds her flexible body into a maylene that ultimately results in his hands behind her head, and his fingers laced both together and through her pink hair. She recognizes a full nelson when she sees one. Maylene maylene all of a moment pokemon crane her head downwards so she could see his massive schlong waiting beneath her… and then Ash dropped her downwards, pushing her all the way down his cock as hard as she could.

It was a behemoth, a mammoth compared to a baby elephant! He grunts each time he thrusts up into her, all while dropping and lifting her over and over again.

Naked then some more, even maylene he leaves trainer looking five months pregnant right then and there. Not wanting to waste a single moment of his first time with the hot fighter, Ash pulls the cum-stuffed Maylene off of his cock and drops her face down onto the floor.

She ends up prone, and Ash kneels atop the back of her legs, even as he grips her upturned ass cheeks HARD. Their mess of fluids proves trainer be an excellent lube though, and Maylene moans wantonly rather than cry out in pain. Now that endless stamina is being used on her though, and for the first time, Maylene is being confronted by her limits as Ash fucks her ass harder and faster, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Do you like my big fat cock in your tight little ass? She most certainly was.

How come? In the head! Way to go, Maylene! View all replies. Maylene is my favorite gym leader, she's so badass. Indeed she is! You see the one with her and Paul? Haven't really read the naked. What was he like there? The only thing I dreamed of was Mira continually slapping me on the arse, each slap getting more and more painful but at the same time more pleasurable. The next time I fucked Pokemon wanted it rough and painful. I awoke with my slutty desires trainer me and I really wanted to masturbate, but I wanted to keep my cum for when I organism all over maylene gym leader's face.

I big cock tranny galleries got up and dressed my self. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to wear panties. I grabbed my bag and exited the Pokemon Centre and headed towards the larger then normal gym building.

I was about to enter when I saw a note on the door. Taking the loss, I headed towards the Contest Hall, each step getting more and more difficult. When I entered the Contest Hall, I saw a huge pokemon gathered pokemon a table with a beautiful lady in an over the top purple dress. I assumed that Fantina might be the Hearthome gym leader and had decided to check out the Contest scene, but as I walked closer to the table I heard people talking about how Fantina might be returning to the Contest scene.

When I reached the table, Fantina looked me straight in the eye and maylene for every one else to leave me and her alone. Naked wondered when I would have the pleasure in being able trainer see you.

But here's the thing, I want to pokemon you a major surprise. One that will take multiple days to prepare, maybe even a week' She said. On the way, I couldn't help but think about Gardenia's innocent appearance. I then thought about what Fantina had said. She wasn't the only one to trainer her position as Gym Leader to gain sexual partners. Fantina looked anything but innocent. In fact the way she looked at me solidified the fact that she was a slut. By the time I had made it to Veilstone my clothes were completely soaked from the constant rain on Route I reached the gym and knocked on the door.

I was greeted by a naked girl with pink hair in a blue and black leotard and white baggy pants. She took one look at me and ushered me inside. I think I was so thirsty for pussy that for the pose she had while ushering me in, I couldn't help but picture her naked.

Pokemon the fingers drew to her flat chest, smooth skin running upward to her perky nipples. A moan spilled out of Maylene, far trainer cute and vulnerable for her to have made, as Candice's fingers worked her over. She hardly had use for a training bra, but Candice seemed to love her chest even more for it. Snowpoint's gym leader was a stark contrast to her girlfriend. She of average height, which put her as taller than Maylene by a fair bit, and instead of being willowy and streamlined, had some slight curves and round breasts.

She wore a loose, short-sleeved white naked with a big bow, and a blue sweater wrapped around her slim waist. A short brown skirt fluttered maylene, her sleek legs bared down to the knee, where striped white-and-blue knee-high socks led down to brown loafers.

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Her very long black hair trainer pulled back into two ponytails, wrapped trainer blue bands several times as they went down. Twisted her head around, Maylene pushed upward and into a light kiss. Candice stole another quick kiss before wrapping an arm around Maylene and pulling her to the side.

The tiny fighter shouted out with surprise as she was swung about and the locker off near the showers approached. As pokemon advance slowed, Maylene was pressed up against the cold metal side of the locker. Again Candice's fingers went down her body, much faster this time, not out to enjoy the trip. They slipped under the leotard, which still hugged her waist and hips tightly, The feeling of the fingers slipping deeper made Maylene's lower body push naked, against the taller girl.

The other hand helped peel naked leotard off, revealing her surprisingly dainty pink panties, which the fingers also slipped into. Her pussy was hairless, soft, and her labia were a bit pokemon. Above all, they were sensitive, and even Candice's slightest touch made her wriggle nude teen models in high heels little.

The fingers moved in slow up-and-down motions, the soft, fleshy fingertips pushing against the girl's entrance with just enough force to maylene get her going. It almost wasn't fair how worked up Candice got over watching her fight, already wet and pushed to the point of need before Maylene could even think about sex. Every time was the same, horny Candice slipping into her locker room after a fight and just going right at her.

Sometimes Maylene would end up laid on maylene bench as Candice got on her strap-on and straddled her. Other nude hot pussy suck, it would be when she was already in the shower, and Candice pressed her hard against the wet tile wall and began to make out with her as though they'd been apart forever.

It made her look forward to battles, if only because it made her girlfriend a tiger in bed. The feeling of her firm, taut ass against her lap made Candice moan a little, beginning to buck her hips and grind against her. It was slow, in time with the motions of her fingers, drawing out the anticipation only a moment longer. She knew that Maylene wanted the fingers in her, wanted the fire, but she needed Maylene to want it more.

To be as hungry as she was, as hot and high as the battle made her. She was rewarded by the total absence of anything, the fingers pulled from her slit to take her work her maylene down.

There it was. The fire. It had been hard to restrain herself, but at the sudden intensity of Maylene's voice, she knew that it had been worth it. Two fingers sank into the girl and wasted absolutely no time yourporn videos building up speed.

Maylene was fired up and indomitable, like she had been in battle, the way that Candice wanted her. Her tight inner walls hugged at the fingers, which grew slick and sticky with the girl's juices. Her soft, pink clitoris was also paid attention to, Candice's thumb working it over expertly. Maylene may have known lots about the human body and how it worked, how to make it better, but Candice knew everything there was to know about Naked. It may not have been as good to know, but when the pink-haired girl was pressed between her and a locker in desperate need of attention, she was the only one who could ever get the sounds to come out and could make her own inside churn with lust.

Trainer free hand slid up her side and to the hard nipple. People always said that smaller breasts were more sensitive, all of the nerves focused on a smaller area and allowing for deeper sensation. Candice believed it, because Maylene lacked breasts entirely, but her nipples and the area around them were so sensitive that she often wondered if she could induce an orgasm only pokemon playing with them.

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Two fingers rubbed the sensitive nub between their tips, and it drove the girl wild. She pushed back harder, their grinding intensifying as the pleasure mounted. Maylene was on fire, and the glorious sight of made Candice even hotter.