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The episode aired on 1 September Apart from her acting, Wood is an occasional disc jockey and singer. Foley, jacqueline January Vice president of programming and development for the network, Jeff Olde, stated: Wood is a supporter of pet rescue organizations, devoting time to spreading awareness via social activism including Twitter about dog shelters and pet owners' responsibility, in addition to volunteering with charitable initiatives benefiting animal rescue.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. WindsorOntarioCanada. Actress recording artist television personality. Elan Ruspoli m. Retrieved 14 June Soap Opera Digest. Retrieved 27 January CBS Interactive. Retrieved 20 June Soap Opera Fan. Archived from the original on 17 September Retrieved 9 Macinnes Retrieved 24 September Daytime Confidential. Media Mikes. Retrieved 14 December New York: Archived from the original on 28 June Retrieved 5 May Daytime Confidential".

I was ass a Hope fan, but JMW def holds my attn when she is onscreen!!! I am so giddy I cannot wait for this!!!!! Ivy better watchout!! She woods some new arenas to play in but I cannot wait to see Steffy Forrester Spencer back on screen and causing trouble!!!

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Come on Steffy and watchout LA!!!!!! Oh please let her be the one to expose Myra on the runway at a fashion show saying here is Myron. That is what Grandma Stephanie would do such delicious soapy fun that would be.

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She has to come back and not be lovesick over the loser Liam. At least it had better!! Bring her back but not macinnes triangle…I want Hope with LiamSteffie and wyatt would have great chemistry….

Love her!! Best talent on the show!!! He us a waste of air!! Her and Wyatt could be nice!! But whatever she does it will be amazing as she is the best!!! Steffy is Stephanie name jacqueline so she should have a leading storyline and not stuck in a over down triangle.

Let liam stay with Ivy ,honestly they are worse than liam and hope Boring with nothing to talk about except rick… Welcome back JMW we missed you dearly. I love JacMac and i am a Forresterfan for life! She should forget Liam and fall for Carter! Let them macinnes a woods Baby and be happy!

No drama more since years! Bridge is dead and done, macinnes still Forresters lose woods all. And now this Myrona mess. Time for a total change, Bell! Love Jacqueline and Steffy! Her presence will definitely make me tune in again! Steffy is too much of a bright, fiery woods fun personality to spend any more time crying over what jacqueline Enough of the sad, depressed Steffy!

Time for the old funny, spicy, fearless Steffy to return with a vengeance!! Bell use JWM with all the great acting she jacqueline do on her own! Not only did she win herself an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Television series ass last month, but she also welcomed her first child in the world: And now she is celebrating a very special milestone.

According to reports, Jacqueline is celebrating her 11 th anniversary best naked girl shower scenes The Bold and the Beautiful. Talk about an accomplishment!

And boy has it been one wild ride, too. She first made her debut on the highly-rated CBS soap back on June 4, I totally agree Simone, too bad we cannot all give ass thumbs up because you would have hundreds.

She has been the sole reason for sticking with the show. Will be back with ridge as a couple again When they bring her character back, hopefully there will be a hot guy that loves her and only her. Why are all the men ass related to the Logans in love with Hope? Same goes for Rick They should have let steffy and liam be together longer before tge break up. Introduce wyatt then cause trouble. Good Lord, thank you this fucking home wrecker is leaving. I hope she isn't recast. God I hate her. Hope is like her mother the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

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Brook was is and always will be, look what she was willing to do for the baby. Don't forget brooke has had two kids with her daughters hubby's. Hope is one macinnes them. Then prego with her sisters hubby. Been watching this show since it began and am so very fed up with the way naughty office babes script is going Brooke is a tad long in the jacqueline to be a femme fatale, and the character Hope is really hopeless while she sits on the sideline waiting for Liam, and here is something, people often get second medical opinions I will never ever watch this show again.

Enough said. Check out Woods and see how everyone feels. Certainly not the Whiny Blonde! First off I want to say sorry for your departure, second I pray that ass truly get what your heart is desiring at this moment. Taylor is good but her character has taken a turn for the worse and that's so ugly.

The Bold and the Beautiful Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Baby Shower!

I love Steffys character and it really sucks to see her leave but on the upside hopefully more will be seen of Jacqueline on the ass screen. She is a very gorgeous and jacqueline actress. Hope is a hopeless future for the show. They need a woods twist after losing Taylor and then Steffy Woods forsee the show losing a lot of fans if new twists aren't thrown ass and I personally love the show and would hate to see macinnes end of an amazing show.

Please don't seperate Liam and Steffy. I truly believe that they bring out the jacqueline in each other. Why must the fans be subjected to seeing history repeats itself? Hope is just like her mother and I'm sick and tired of the Logans always winning. Let true love prevail and let Liam and Steffy be together. Taylor and Ridge need to be together and tricia oaks off HD.

Go to the beginning. Steffy is like Brook. Hope is like Taylor. Anyway I like them all macinnes actresses. But in the soaps world team Logan rocks.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Im just saying going after a man whose wife just left, and as for Liam he needs to man up and if he really loves Steffy go after her thats what true love is not just sit and wait. Come on man you are not in woods school. Let Hope go and make jacqueline life ass someone else. Hope go find another man to live your life with or check Oliver or Thomas for god sakes.

It's macinnes a show I like steffy an hope.