I have a flat chest

Will my chest grow? If you haven't gotten your period yet, it is likely that your breasts haven't started developing yet either. Give them time to grow! Not Helpful 4 Helpful I'm 12 and I don't have a lot of friends because I'm flat chested and people judge me. What should I do?

Main causes for having small breasts

Be yourself and keep trying to make friends. Most people will not care if you have a flat chest or not, and if they do, those people would not make good friends anyway. Not Helpful 3 Helpful It is your decision. Don't feel pressured to wear a bra just because others around you may have.

We all grow at different rates, and your time will come. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Don't think about it, and realize people making fun of you are typically insecure about themselves.

I am 11 and very flat-chested. All of my friends have hit puberty.

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I feel left out. What should I do if I want to wear a strapless dress to a dance, but I am flat chested? Wear it with confidence! Strapless dresses look great on all body types, so flaunt what you got! Not Helpful 0 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Be yourself. Genuine people will see you for the great person you are and not judge you for your body.

Make sure you wear the right bra size. You are beautiful, no matter your chest size. If you have any health concerns, the internet is not the place to go looking for the answer. Only a qualified doctor will be able to tell you if you have a problem or not. This is the same for all health issues and is very important.

If you have a significant other who says your breasts are the gabbie show boobs small, then they are not worth your time!

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Plastic surgery can have many risks and complications, so think deeply before you do anything drastic! Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary Flat To deal with having a flat chest, choose clothing that accentuates your form and shows off any attributes that make you feel confident, like your arms or your neckline.

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You just can't ever tell what someone is going to find attractive or not. Juicypop Send a private message. Honestly I am in the same boat as you. I am completely flat chested and after nursing four children Chest am going to get very small implants but to be honest quite like the flat chested look. Check out Kate Hudson. So many stunning models out flat with very small breast and have just look glamorous. Plus sleeping on your tummy is so comfy. Also makes you look slimmer and much prettier. That's how I feel anyway.

Plus looking at the models and video clips lately big boobs are not in fashion at all.

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Love your boobs no matter what their size and be proud. I remember seeing a topless woman at the beach when I was about She had no breasts at all as far as I could see she was standing about 2 metres from me.

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I thought she was one have the sexiest women I had ever seen. I confess I imagined running my hands gently over her chest and it made me quite aroused. FYI I don't have a small breast fetish.

I like seeing breasts of all flat. Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous Men love Bs. Read More: Sexy ladies fuking images may have "moobs" for a couple of different reasons: In most cases it's probably both. Everyone accumulates fat in different places and we've all got squishy areas we'd like to shrink, firm up or just chest rid of. For guys, upper body fat is a particular bummer, but if you've got it, you're not necessarily stuck with it.

But, just as you can't choose your family, you can't choose where to make fat go away. Even if your chest is the fattest part of your body, it's not necessarily the place that's going to shrink first when you start losing weight. There's no such thing as "spot reduction" according to ExRx. The best strategy is to employ both diet and cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart rate up. To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn off 3, more calories than you take in.

Lose it too fast and you run the risk of rebound weight gain.