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But it was no use the jeans were to low cut. Savanna nods and starts drinking her water bottle while getting ready to go out for dinner. She put some boots on and puts some makeup on before walking out of her bedroom to find her mother waiting for her with a diaper bag slung around her shoulder. Alright this is going to be a series that I will update every now and then.

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Please feel free to comment or message me some ideas that should happen in the next parts to come! So why are you making such a silly fuss now, of all times?

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We also know that you still have the bladder capacity of a nervous chihuahua. It was you, Heather. Why, I think it was you!

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Which teenager was it who tried to use pads and pee in them when she was in a long line with her family at Six Flags? And yes, they do make you look like a great big overgrown baby! Heavens, sometimes I think I made a mistake trying to potty train you in the first place…. Sit that padded little tush down in the back seat and enjoy the trip, honey. Just try to look on the the bright side, okay?

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