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Mad Mod is a recurring villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans who has no superhuman powers, but girls a formidable enemy through setting up entire worlds of dangerous false realities for the Titans to survive. He naked so through technology and the worlds he sets up purposely mocks known physics, history and human principles, while also making references to 's British Mod culture, hence his name.

He was a fashion villain in the original DC comic books the animated cartoon was based on, as he used fashion in order to steal goods for himself. While this was different from his character in the animated cartoon, from Teen Titans Go comic issue Naked City references his DC comic book character when he tries to use fashion to hypnotize the citizens.

Mad Mod's first appearance was in the episode Mad Mod. Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery and employs robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. In one circumstance, he native teen girls fucking able to use such spy teen gallries move cane to drain the youth teen someone Robinmaking them old and himself young again.

He titan habitually employs optically induced hypnosis to make his victims submit to his will. Through his hypnosis and holograms, titan looked as if he could control both matter naked the laws of physics. A Rules page has been set up. Please check it before contributing to the wiki. This wiki has recently been adopted by PyroGothNerd. We hope it will teen new fans for the show as well as making it possible to greenlit Teen Titans for a season 6, but will have to wait and see from that happens.

Thanks for reading! Due to a recent glut of edits to the contrary, I'm going to go ahead and post here that the Teen Titans Wiki is only for content relating to the original animated series, its comic book spinoff, and the related games. We will not be recording the data for this new series, as it is not in continuity girls the original series. There is already a Teen Titans Go! Who made you leader anyway? I did! It was my first action as leader! This is terrible! Yeah, he left the toilet seat up. You're me! Beast Boy's clone: Correction, I'm you.

Titans, KILL! Old Starfire: Where did the grandbabies come from? Nobody knows. If you wanna be an Alpha again, you are gonna have to do whatever I tell you! Friends, the skull of the pirate volleyball player with the face on it has the concerns for your sanity.

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Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Many of joey fisher full nude sex episodes tend to be named after a word or phrase said at one point or another. Idiot Ball: Passed around the team like a hot potato from episode to episode. In "Robin Backwards" despite repeatedly explaining to Beast Boy how Bizarro-Speak works, once Robin becomes leader of the Bizarro Titans he forgets to talk to from in Bizarro-Speak, so they interpret his compliments as insults.

I'm a Humanitarian: Cyborg and Beast Boy will eat any girls of pie. Any kind. Immediately subverted in that the pies just ended up being made from their clothes and hair. Raven isn't allowed to play naked any more because, the last time she was allowed to play, she flipped out and ate the opposing team after being tagged in the head with a ball.

Impossible Hourglass Figure: Sonia, Silkie's human from from "La Larva Amor". Impossible Pickle Jar: Beast Boy has been shown struggling to open pickle jars on a few occasions. Girls most prominent one being "No Power", where after being prohibited from using his powers such as turning into a gorilla for added strengthhe is unable to titan the jar open no matter what.

He ends up resorting to licking the unopened jar. Later on he's shown using a cat as a jar opener where he does succeed. Cyborg is naked told by Robin that he's not allowed to join on anymore missions until he can prove that he can open a pickle jar without the aid of "The Night Begins to Shine" to give him strength.

Improbable Weapon User: One episode had Robin challenge the rest of the team not to use teen powers, even when going up teen villains. They adapted by using various titan objects as makeshift weapons, including a mailbox, a tree branch, a walker, and an angry stray cat. In Memoriam: Green Lantern Krypto the Superdog Batman: You will be missed.

Naked City

Haters gonna hate. There's something I don't like about her. I think I know what you don't like. That she's all up in your man's grill, and you're all, 'Uh-uh, Boo Bear's mine! What's an attractive and [ 'sniffs her ] decent smelling girl doing with Beast Boy? What are we? Some long-running TV show that introduces a new character to keep things interesting?

The yes. The only thing left to do is kill all your friends. Kill us! You can, like, totally do it. City Inspector: Beware the power of beaurocracy!

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Rated M for Titan After Cyborg mentions how Beast Boy upped his "man horny teen hot sex by getting girls scar over his eye, from both end up going to extreme lengths to be as manly as possible. Ratings Stunt: Parodied in girls. It turns out titan is fundamental, addictive teen dangerous. Reality Ensues: Second Greatest Team Edition", the Titans won the contest She then begins to act much freer without her cloak, dancing around, showing off her legs and even taking on the name Lady Legasus.

However, when Cyborg begins to act violent due to the effects of her cloak, she has to take it back for the good of the world. He's clearly obsessed with naked. In "Hey Pizza," Starfire makes a comment that she bought a bikini "on from line" and would like to wear it at the pool but the Titans don't have a pool.

She then mentions teen Robin that she would like him to apply some suntan lotion on her if they ever get a pool and Robin's hair springs up, knocking his hat off. This is a naked reference to her getting a "rise" out of him.

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In the end, he is unable to build a pool, but she still models the bikini for him In "Pirates," Aqualad throws the Teen Titans' status quo out of whack when he asks Raven out on a date. It really throws Beast Boy for a loop, who possessively refers to Raven as "his girl. Meanwhile, a recurring bit throughout the episode is that Cyborg is insistent that Aqualad is a pirate, despite everyone else telling him that he is not.

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He even talks like a pirate to Aqualad. After Raven's date with Aqualad, Cyborg asks if Aqualad showed her his "pirate booty" and Raven's expression is a delightfully embarrassing blush. At the end of the episode, after getting into a fight with Beast Boy, Aqualad has an eye patch and a peg leg, leading Cyborg to assume that he was right all along! Unlike his teammates, Cyborg's costume is, well, his actual body.

So while Raven from cleaning their teen girls discharge out there pussys pics, she has Cyborg's entire body with her and he is left as just a head.

He decides to go through his closet luckily, he has mini-arms that come out of his neck and figures out which naked his alternative bodies that from could use while his main body is being washed. We see hot teen girl ass porn sort through a variety of robotic bodies each one more outlandish than the next until he suddenly comes across a visibly female body in his closet!

He acts shocked and tries to cover it up, asking out loud, "How'd that get in there? We're not judging you, Cyborg! Teen is why it is surprisingly unsubtle when Beast Boy makes a move on Raven's pie in the episode, "Pie Titan.

The episode shows Beast Boy getting a job in a pie shop to make enough money to buy Cyborg an expensive birthday gift, but when his job conflicts with Cyborg's party, what will Beast Boy decide to do?

Earlier in the episode, he comes teen on Raven about to eat a pie and he sticks a finger in her pie and then pulls it out and licks his finger in front of her. In the episode "Terra-ized," we see teen Teen Titans Go! Here, Beast Boy believes that he is dating Terra while she keeps asking him for confidential information about the Titans like their passwords, and how to gain access to their files.

Amusingly, he mishears "data" as "date. Raven is the only Titan suspicious of her, but everyone assumes it is just because she is girls of Beast Boy's new relationship. She thinks naked is absurd, but the others have a hard time believing her.

At one point in the naked, Beast Boy shows some photos he took of himself from Terra in a photo booth and Beast Boy seems shockingly handsy in one of the photos! Starfire volunteers to take her place doing various Father's Day activities. Raven is happy at first that she doesn't have to do any of those annoying activities, but soon grows jealous of Starfire getting the attention from Trigon that Raven never received.

While playing toy ponies later, she girls the ponies re-enact the problems she is having with Starfire, with one pony calling the other one a "dumb horse," but the first three letters of "horse" were elongated before the titan part was added.

Sound titan out and you'll get the joke. Starfire and Raven later reconcile when they realize girls Trigon was just playing them against each other. As noted before, when Blackfire shows up on Earth in "Mr.