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Try to minimize any extreme variances in loudness or speed. Or that kind of husky, deliberate voice you get when you just wake up.

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Now you want to use that seductive voice to move things toward a more sexual dynamic. You must transition naturally while subtly implying where things are headed. These are easy questions for her to answer. Women are extremely intuitive. Once she answers those initial questions, follow up with the question that kickstarts the session:. If she answers that question at allyou are in.

She knows this is getting into sexy territory. Now guide her throughout the incredible experience. Tell her to run her hands up towards the inside of her thigh. Then over the front of her panties.

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Then to slide her underwear down. Then to tease around and in between her lips. Then to rub her fingers gently over her clit and so on. You want to reinforce how sexy she is and how you love every second of it.

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Encourage her to continue indulging in her pleasure. Show her she can be comfortable and judgment-free with you. This has her confirm it to not only you, but to herself.

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It makes the idea of having sex together REAL. Getting her to admit her desires over the phone has transferred to in-person romance every single time.

No shame, no ambiguity, just a sexy experience shared between you both. I looked in her eyes and kissed her. Never once has sexy woman hesitated to kiss me girl because we were already past that point. Ideally, you want to match her intensity and climax with her.

Tell her if you like animals. That is a talk conversation opener too. This is how she will know whether or not you have some things in common. When you get to know a woman better, then you can be more descriptive about what mobile like and want.

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Smiling makes you sound happy and it will give you more confidence. You will sound much more attractive to her. You dust off your stash of condoms in your beside table and realize that the. Up until recently, finding a sex toy that mimics oral sex has been hard. You want bondage toys? No problem. Missing penetrative sex? You're covered. If you want to sent me fan mail here is my address I live in Nepal kathmandu my house is in chondol.

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