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Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth — Google Sightseeing

Share Comments 20 Tweet. Locations California Italy Netherlands Scotland. Rudeness Street Views. Tuesday, 24th March at 2: Sparky says: Tuesday, 24th March at 5: Tuesday, 24th March at 3: Ben says: Alex Turnbull says: Tuesday, 24th March at Brainsmith says: Izzy says: Tuesday, 24th March at 4: This guy somehow ended up on Street View while doing it.

Besides all the people with great senses of humor who love to drop their pants and moon the Street View cars as they pass, there are many others who don't seem as happy to see them.

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If you look hard enough, you'd probably find just as many people flipping off the Street View car as people showing them their butts. The Google Street View team takes images of a lot of places, including popular beach destinations. These people were lucky enough to have one of their very sandy vacation adventures captured and put online for everyone to see.

We can't confirm if this is real or not, but StreetViewFun. For now, it's still up online.

The most embarrassing images from Google street view

Just so you know, previously captured Street View imagery of a completely different murder-like image taken in was later confirmed to be a hoax. Nudity on Google Street View is rather common. Here's a woman running through traffic completely nude, which of course we censored for you so that it's much more SFW. It's pretty rare to see a face on Street View that's not blurred. This dog's face may be the happiest looking face on all of Google Street View.

But this woman chose to open the front door in the nude.

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Whilst the Google camera was driving past. Tough break. This story comes after Express.

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Naked Street View — Google Sightseeing

Her companions also did not appear too surprised by her clothing situation. The naked woman was clad in just a pair of sandals and a green towel Image: Copacabana in Brazil is one of the most famous nudist beaches, found in Rio de Janerio.

It is hardly the first time someone has been caught by the Google Maps car. It remains a mystery why the woman had no clothes on Image: