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The most important components of the economy — consumer spending and business investment — were both weak in the first quarter, and the housing market contracted for the fifth quarter in a row. The strength in G. That measure, known as final private sales, came in at 1. Rose said.

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That means companies are looking for other ways to improve profitability, including cutting costs. You have no choice but to try to save costs where you can. The Great Recession officially ended in June ; in July, the expansion will officially become the longest on record. Economists, however, say that expansions do not die of old age — there has to be a cause. And while they expect growth to slow this year, they see few risks on the horizon that are large enough to tip the economy over the edge.

I think this is a good place for the economy to be. Ben Casselman writes about economics, with a particular focus on stories involving data.

GDP falls below 6 per cent to per cent in March quarter - Business News

Jim Tankersley covers economic and tax policy. Jump to navigation. This year, the growth rate slumped to 5. The March quarter growth rate is slowest since The previous low was 6. China registered a GDP growth rate of 6. According to government data, the growth of eight core sectors fell from 4. Finance Secretary Subhash Garg, however, said gdp the full slowdown was temporary.

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The heart of the real economy — private-sector consumption and investment — slowed sharply in the first quarter to gdp 1. Consumer spending rose only 1. Spending on durable goods plunged 5. Business investment also slowed, to 2.

Investments in structures, such as factories, offices, stores and oil wells, fell for the third movies quarter. Investments in equipment — computers, airplanes full machinery — barely grew, rising 0. Economists are projecting higher spending and investment in the current quarter, however. Keke Palmer, Aliens at Area 51 and more.


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