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Segel didn't tell her about it as a "joke," but apparently she didn't find it very funny.

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She also sent out an email to family members warning them about the scene, but saying it was "essential to the plot. Judd Apatow confirmed that the photo Peter valiantly removes from the men's restroom was Photoshopped. The first person he played the musical for was Judd Apatow, who told him"You can't play this for anyone, ever.

The two wanted an idea that was different from the usual romantic-comedy ending, and they felt that the Dracula musical would be sufficiently unique.

16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

According to Segel, Brand walked into the room and said he had "given a cursory glance" at the script, and asked what it was about. Originallythe character was supposed to be more "posh" and refined.

Charlie Hunnam was rumored to be in consideration for the role. However, upon seeing Brand's audition, Segel changed the role entirely to fit him.

15 Reasons 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' Is Still The Greatest Breakup Movie Of All Time | Punkee

They had written the scene where Peter and Aldous mock Sarah's film about killer cell phones before they knew that Bell had actually starred in forgetting actual one. The role of Aldous Snow was written with Charlie Hunnam in mind. Jason Segel 's character plays a part of the theme of The Muppet Show Jason Segel really plays the piano. When the film was first released, Universal promoted it by hiring skywriters to fly over cities where it was playing with messages like, "I hate you, Sarah Marshall!

Some complained to the authorities, but were told that under the First Amendment there was nothing they could do to marshall it. Jack McBrayer and Scenes Thayer play a married couple. They were briefly romantically involved in 30 Rock: Valentine's Day In Sexy Night Live: Bateman would later play Bell's husband in Couples Retreat Aldous Snow is a sarah of the band Infant Sorrow.

Full Frontal with the Break Up Scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

It's a counterpoint to the poem "Infant Joy". Carla Gallothe girl who says "Hi" in bed continuously, was one of the leads in Undeclared Jason Segel played her ex-boyfriend. They never shared screen time because Bell played the voice of Gossip Girl. The numerous bottles of wine that Peter, Rachel, and Sarah go through at the dinner scene are all red wines from Clos du Val in Napa Valley, California. In both movies the characters eat tacos together. Jonah Hill and Carla Gallo have appeared in five films together: This was Paul Rudd and Kristen Bell 's second time working together.

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They also appeared in Veronica Mars: Debasement Tapes Jason Segel and Paul Rudd also star together in "Knocked Up ""I Love you Man""This ruski sekis 40"and "This is the End" although both only have Brief roles in the latter and share no dialogue with each other.

Sarah Marshall is the film's main title antagonist. Screenwriter and star Jason Segel told New York Times interviewer Dave Itzkoff that the naked breakup and Dracula puppet musical scenes were drawn from real-life experiences.

Segel said that one girlfriend broke up with him while he was completely naked. Rather than being devastated, he thought to himself, "This is hilarious.