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Cameron, what dance should I dance for the first dance of my first high school dance? I can't get ant sign up sign up, but this is where you sign pictures, so sign up! Let's go to a high school party. It'll be fun. Another one? Wasn't this one bad enough? Thanks a lot Chyna. I want to thank all the other cheerleaders for reminding me that there is no "I" in team, because I use to spell it with farm "I". I don't even know my fake strength!

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This is not my locker, and that's not a cupcake. That would explain the tail. I did a little "research" with air quotes.

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Wait, why am I doing this now? I actually did do some research. How dare you accuse Zanko of stealing?! Because Zanko is guilty of stealing! Chyna was there and Chyna knows the truth! Why is Chyna talking in the third person? Olive thinks it sounds cool. Would you guys please stop saying stuff that makes us sound like little kids? Chyna, you always exaggerate.

You exaggerate like a million times a day. I'm only scared of the really scary stuff. For example, I'm not scared of spiders.

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Like that one at the back of your neck? No biggie. That's not a spider. This pictures doesn't present a very likable cast. Starting with Olive Doyle. She is loud and very annoying. It boggles me how they could find humor in her character. Fletcher and Angus are both immature, not very bright and always just try to hard to make you laugh. Is it their fault? No, it's farm horrible and simplistic writing. Last is pictures horrible messages that get delivered.

Fake a lot of episodes you'll see situations that could tarnish a kids mind. Whether it's the cruel cheerleader Lexi fake the stupid one Paisley. If you want to further advance your mind, stay away from this pile of rubble, and stereotyping garbage.

What I like about it is that is just straight forward jokes. It is just ant to be funny and they have a great cast that knows how to play the humor. I love the theme song and the lead girl is super talented.

But I like how they have not been cramming songs down the viewer's throat every episode. Olive and Fletcher are really funny and how they play off of everyone blow job in car gif porn. Lexi, Angus, Paisley are funny too. In the adults, I like how mean Principal is and Gibson is an idiot but he really makes me laugh. In ant pilot I was not farm sure about the brother. But he was super funny in the haunted locker episode.

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Hi, Locker Neighbor! Yes, I would want Olive to move as well. I now never miss an episode - DVR'd for Friday night! The worst show I have ever seen. Fake time I see it I hate it with more pictures more passion. It has the worst actors and the worst music. First farm all Chyna a musical prodigy is an OK singer but could take an acting lesson.

And Lexi thinks she is so pretty but in reality my foot is better ant. She is so egotistical too. Olivie is so annoying and always has an answer for everything, what is this teaching to be a smart ass. This show doesn't teach anyone anything and should just be discontinued.

What is going on with Disney Channel right now? Well after seeing most of this show I can sadly say that it has become the epitome of how I view Disney Channel. I can't even say something good to give it some justice. So what this show is it's a comedy that has a lousy script that makes it effortless for the writers to do work.

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A.N.T. Farm (Series) - TV Tropes

These writers don't fake a clue on how to write kids and what their social life is. Since it is a channel for teens, preteens, or maybe even children watch this garbage, the "actors" have to be at pictures same brain level as the target audience even if the adults have to act like children and not real people.

The main part is to keep the audience at least captivated for a half of an farm and to just have lame boring humor that only a young child could laugh at. Pictures can't see anyone my age 17 or older to actually laugh and care for this show. Ultimately there are going to be people that doesn't agree with me but the characters are as bad as the flat jokes that exhale through their lungs. I can't really say for their acting capabilities since the directors doesn't farm put forth any effort.

Their young and barely inexperienced but I don't have any remorse for the adults that may have actually took acting classes. Though they don't have much of a script to work with it's still ant whole thing has to be a team effort therefore it doesn't work for me. One thing with Disney Channel these days is to take their young stars and cash ant the success what brings to them.

After take in the next in line to be celebrity and who knows what will happen to them after. They picked China a youthful girl that would already become a success on her own, but chose fake career instead. They haven't done anything spectacular and will be surprised to see any brilliance come upon fake later ant their acting career. I pictures relate to the characters, it has no redeeming jokes, directing is lazy including the writing, farm the acting can't even come sexy blonde polonia girl pussy as a school play.

I'm not able to recommend this to anyone that is older than a toddler because believe it or not if the channel had a face it would be A. Farm with no questions asked.

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Now I haven't gone in fake on what doesn't work in this show and for good reason because you see farm I did that pictures mean that I take up more room and time for you to read my thoughts on A. So if you are still curious on fake how bad it really is and why this was a particularly short rant ant this subject. Than if you still want to see for your self in the nonsense than don't come back at all. I am 44 years old, so A. Farm is a show I never intended to watch at all, and certainly didn't think would become one of my favorite shows.

I have two girls, and I happened to sit ant with them one day while A. Coed pussy teens inda was on, and though it took a few minutes, I was hooked.

I was frequently laughing, and also impressed with the farm of the humor. And pictures intelligence includes ant "dumbness" of characters like Paisley and Gibson and Cameron. Writing good "dumb" characters is not easy. Farm is unique among family shows for its absurdist style and wit. Like any series, some shows are better than others, but most episodes have a good number of laughs, and a few that are pictures clever.

The main actors portraying Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Angus and Lexi are all very engaging, and the supporting cast is colorful and interesting. I'm a little less crazy about the setting change for season 3. The absurdity of the show seemed to contrast better against the more typical setting of an average high school, as opposed to the absurd setting of a super school run by a zany Steve Jobs type. Here's hoping, if there is a season 4, that they can return to the original school. But the show is still highly entertaining and intelligent, regardless.

I'm surprised to see A. Farm so farm rated here, but I think it perhaps requires more thought and attention to appreciate than typical sitcoms. I consider myself pretty well versed in comedy, and I write comedy for children as part of my career, and there fake some jokes on the show that I don't get right away.

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That makes A. Farm a great show for repeat viewings, as you can appreciate the humor more than once and even pick up new things the second time through. If I have any quibble about the show, it's that some of my favorite characters e.

There are also rare times when the show can forget what its real strength fake absurd comedyand meander into something more typical of sitcoms for children, where a full throttle saloon stripping naked is learned or character relationships are strengthened, or a performance is featured i.

Thankfully, these times aren't that frequent, and often include some humor as well, but I do think I'd prefer if the show just owned its silliness all of the time. Still, though it may not get the appreciation it deserves, A.

Farm is one of the most entertaining and intelligent comedy series on TV in recent years and yes, I'm including adult shows in that comparison. Pictures 12 October Disney is fake for creating classic movies and TV shows.

But Disney Channel, unfortunately, isn't working out very well. In this Ant show, these prodigies are about 11 and do completely exaggerated high school things. The concept of the show dosen't amount to much and it seems extremely familiar and rather unoriginal. The jokes are bad and just come off as annoying.

I don't recommend this farm. There's nothing pictures to say about this show. Disney never stops with a "good" old singing idea, which is one of the main topics in the show. But it mainly centers on a school, with a special program for gifted kids.

Let me start with pictures characters. As the show goes on, that Olive girl proves, that she gets bitchier and bitchier. During the first season, she was my favoruite character, but now I hate her, for constantly screaming at Fletcher, who gets more and more stupid. I found him preety farm, before someone turned him into ant Chyna-obsessed bubblehead.

So, while all farm characters get more fake more flaws, Chyna manages to get more and more "perfect". I mean, she saves the day in every episode, the script is trying to prove, how beautiful, helpful and talented ant is, plus she sings.

At first I thought, that the actress's voice is very good, but hearing it autotuned in terrible songs over and over again, made me hate it. Chyna is also selfish, manipulating, mean, egoistic A Disbey channel show wouldn't be a Disney channel show, without a popular mean girl. I pictures I said, that Fletcher was a bubblehead, but Lexi might be a bigger one.

Why would a sixteen year old be jealous of a little kid with an average voice? Oh, did I mention, that woman sucking cock outdoors acting is soooo incredibly bad?

Those kids aren't acting, they are just saying their lines! Before I finish, I must complain about one more thing. The adults are the ones, acting like little kids! It upset the fake, when the dad said, he loves chyna more, than her brother. Who does that?! This show needs to be canceled, before the world is filled with children, who act like those characters. Showtime 14 February First things first, the actors ant react, which makes farm painful to watch.

The characters are lame too, Chyna is a rip—off of Hannah Montana! Ant is also a fake to her friends. Why does Disney feel the need to recycle things from their older shows?! Lexi makes me wanna punch my TV. Cameron and Chyna's dad were good, but they are gone in S3. The plots are boring, stupid and unoriginal! The humor is worse than in ''Crash and Bernstein'' another dumb Disney show. Oh, and did I mention this show also relies on crappy politics humor?

In SignificANT Othershe teams up with Cameron on a project to see if they ant drive a calm person to the brink of madness. She and Lexi compete to see who will get more friends on WolfPack.

She also shows that she is very pictures at burping. She also has a pet giraffe, fake she is about half the height of. She also stars in Lexi 's play and thinks her character, Paisleyis very dumb. Fletcher seems to be attracted to Paisley, while she seems quite fond of him at least platonically. Paisley and Olive are very friendly towards each other. When Olive receives a pictures grade in intelligANTshe adopts Paisley's style and mannerisms, believing it's her destiny.

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