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The Mud Baths at Calistoga, California - California Travel

Sign up as Customer Free Want to join as a Contributor? Want to start selling stock? Take a look at our Contributor guide! My daughter does not like me or anyone else to see her naked so she was not real comfortable walking around naked.

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Hippie culture maybe? So then you climb into this large brick tub — graceful I was not.

One little girl who takes a bath. Childcare, - Stock Photo [] - PIXTA

My daughter was next to me getting in the other tub and she could not stop giggling. Then the attendant tells you to lay down on the mud and she starts pilling mud on top of you. It is HOT. Very odd sensation. Then they put cucumbers over your eyes and a wet towel on your forehead. It was hard to relax because it was really hot and I have high blood pressure.

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I was laying there wondering if I should even be in there. You are only in it for 10 minutes. So then I tried to envision laying on a beach in Hawaii. That was hard to envision since the mud stunk like sulfur — rotten eggs.

Then I started thinking about all the naked bodies that have been in this mud.

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The mud is not changed between clients. I am wondering if they had any bloody sores, rashes, infections, etc. I totally psyched myself out of having an enjoyable, purifying experience. I started counting down the minutes until I would be out of the mud. I kept thinking I should have researched more about mud baths before I subjected myself, my daughter and my son to this treatment.

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The time was finally up. Then you have to push all of this hot mud off of you and gracefully not! You take a shower to get the mud off and then you get a whirlpool bath and then a massage.