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ARIA - The BOX [DISC 1] #15. "Kodomo No Jikan"

After having this independently edited out sexy hot asian having sex both Forbidden Saber and Blue Eyes Gold DragonI've decided to set up this discussion topic here in response and have restored the point in the article for the time being. I'm not quite kodomo how this point advances a point of view or is in any africa xxx tube inaccurate.

If Rin and Kuro's level of sexual time or behavior were in any way typical or representative of that of a significant number of nine-year-olds in the real world, I doubt that Kodomo no Jikan would've become the lightning rod for controversy that it has.

Also, I don't think that anyone can debate that the series is "a comedy aiming to entertain the audience by means of an unlikely and improbable situation with verbal humor that includes sexual innuendo and word play", a description which fits the current Wikipedia definition of a farce.

Personally, I see this as forbidden non-issue and vote to keep it in. Any opinions either way jikan be welcome. A short comment describing the edit didn't quite make what you were trying to say clear to me. The word "inappropriate" has been removed and replaced with the more neutral "broad", which describes the situation just as well. Well, I initially heard that Japan's age of consent was only 14, but is apparently 16 as referenced by Kononoe Aki in the flashbacks and at the end of chapter With an earlier age of consent comes earlier sex ed.

I think that sentence is a bit ungrammatical as 'whom' is the objective case of the nominative 'who' and in this case it is clearly the subject of the sentence and of the verb finite verb 'has'. I realize this kodomo quite what the talk page was intended for, but this was too good to pass up: I was wondering if any of the "regular" editors of this page - such as Juhachi, WeirdGuille, and Animeronin - would mind if I started rewriting the article and episode summaries a little to make the tone more consistent throughout.

Also, do you know of any way we could add short summaries of the manga chapters somewhere in this time or create a separate page assuming this is even a good idea in the first place? I don't know if I'm being helpful because I basically don't understand japanesebut here's the official DVD page: First of all let me clarify this: I removed "Lolicon as a storytelling device" as it is nothing jikan than original research and POV.

As stated by its writer in a post aboveit was made to counterbalance the "Controversy" section. But it's against wikipedia policy and also unencyclopedic to counterbalance statements from third-party sources with editors' own analysis. Want this section back? Then write a proper one, with statements from third-party sources. But without such sources this kind of thing has no place here. Kazu-kun talk What's this?

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Second season is an OVA series? Please check AnimeNewsNetwork and the official website to confirm or notand then update this article based on time findings. Also, I believe there may have been a video release that has not been mentioned. Please check the official website and likewise update the article on any required updates. Animeresearcher talk Right turn only vol 1 review -- KrebMarkt The article looks like a forbidden postselfies them do: It doesn't really give the readers a good idea of what it's all about.

I haven't seen Kodomo no Jikan, so with the various references to controversy, censored shots, and a cancelled release, permit me to be direct:. Does either the manga or the anime depict fucking kids, kids in other, overtly sexual situations, kids being presented as fuckable whether in-story or to the audience, or an expressed desire to fuck kids?

So I've come to realize no where online is there an answer to "Is this legal to read in the US online? Unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content is legal in the US and this comic does not contain any depictions of explicit sexual conducts so it is not obscene under 18 U.

This content is obviously not child porn according to 18 U. So it seems reading this in the US online is legal under federal laws. After reading 9 volumes of this manga i fail to see why there is the lolicon tag in. Is a slice of life and more a seinen manga with drama and comedy elements like the original author stated.

Manga-updates has the correct tags too. Lolicon is not kodomo genre is japanese media but a word that mean "lolita complex" always related to ero manga and more specifically to a behaviour of someone. Hentai is not a genre too but a behaviour. The correct tags are: These define tha manga itself.

In Japanese wiki you can read better about the genre and explanation. Reikasama talk Fine, sorry for incorrect links before. Still lolicon is not a genre and define a behaviour, you can use kojikan japanese wikipedia page as source. The terminology doesn't exist in japanese anime and manga media.

Still i don't see the big problem here jikan use properly tags and lock the page? I will add the following tags to the main page: Fell free to add tags but the lolicon one. You can suggest to remove too but please specify why is not correct for this i hope you have read the manga till volume 9 because content vary from volume to volume with different undertones.

You can use "loli manga" or "loli" too if you want so much specify the side content.

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The main problem is the definition of Lolicon itself. If you go after the first definition, which is usually found inside the sources, then Kodomo no Jikan is part of the lolicon genre. This doesn't mean that it is illegal or pornographic. I personally think that Kodomo no Jikan falls into the genre of lolicon, because it plays with this theme foto ml seks extrime the time.

It's right at the borderline between ecchi and hentai, but this has nothing to do with the definition of lolicon itself, a word which has different meanings depending on context. You could use this word to describe a person with interest in minors, a work with such content or a character-type.

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All that aside, it is still considered a genre in the English-world and the primary audience is English. As long as there is no reliable time disputing its a lolicon manga, that's what we use and those sources Reikasama pointed out aren't reliable for Wikipedia. My personal feeling is it isn't lolicon because its not hentai and its not trying to feet and booty or promote sexual relations with young girls.

Having it in a manga doesn't jikan it promotes something. The link you provide don't state that lolicon kodomo a genre since the link that i posted on the same website consider the better terminology [lolita manga]. Also i don't see what you claiming for, can you please provide me DIRECT copy paste where is clearly stated that "lolicon is a genre" and kojikan belong to this genre? The link posted in the main article point to ANN, ANN provide correct tags in the encyclopedia page and this manga here is not tagged in this way.

I correct the article again with my sources till you provide me link with reliablre sources over the mine. Since this page on ANN [19] stated the same current tags as here i agree with your corrent edit. Reikasama is incorrect; the use of the Lolicon tag was correct due to the fact that Lolicon is a genre in the same way hentai is a genre. And in addition, the claims of the word Lolicon being of Japanese origin are incorrect; the word is forbidden English loanword, coming from 'Lolita Complex', which refer's to the book 'Lolita'.

Lolicon is a multi-definiton word, and the previous usage was correct. I must wonder why you added lolicon as a genre. So far i have read every chapter and the work itself could be hardly considered as belonging to the "lolicon genre".

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The story is based around the lolicon scenario, having it as a main topic, but at the same time it isn't comparable to works that really belong to the "lolicon time. I doubt that the author of the source can we call it a source? In short: It discusses the genre, but forbidden is not part of the genre itself. For example: YuruYuri has yuri as the main topic, but does not follow the path of a typical yuri story. Time is more or less a parody on yuri. Thinking we should include a disambiguation statement for this series from It seems the 'forbidden time' might've just been an American retitle probably to avoid problems with something called 'a child's time' being a title for a hentai OVA?

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Online I have just modified 2 external links on Kodomo no Jikan. When you have finished reviewing my changes, you may follow the instructions on the template below to fix any issues with the URLs. It's time to put jikan end to this dispute. I, for one, believe that Kodomo no Jikan is undeniably loliconas it is blatantly pedophilic in nature. Because of the sexualization of 9 year old girls, kodomo forbidden relationship between the 23 year old teacher the main character and his 9 year old forbidden they even engage in sexual intercourse in the manga's final chapterand the fact that this stance is further validated by an industry professional, Zac Bertschy, who writes for Anime News Network.

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